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  •   20 years ago in 1997, I created the website for the softball world series at Alpenrose, and until this year, I maintained, and paid for it. I was motivated to add awareness to the girls program in the absence of marketing support from Little League International (LLI).  And for three years, we even had volunteers live stream games complete with professional announcers and camera crew.  In September of 2016, I contacted LLI to propose they assume responsibility for the site. It was grating on me that LLI was paying multiple employees to do for the boys what I was doing as a volunteer.  I relinquished the website’s content, and LLI obtained a new domain name. But rather than assign any of its staff, they threw it back on local volunteers to maintain. 
  • The Cadonau Family has spent tons of its own money, and volunteers from all over the state of Oregon have produced something very special. It’s a made-for-TV production that was the product of local imagination and sweat.   I regret leaving old friends to take heat for something LLI should be helping with, but chooses not to. 
  • Parents of girls pay the same to LLI as do the parents of boys. If you get a chance, you should remind them.   By the way, this domain name is for sale. Contact me if you are interested.  

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